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Saving the Monarch



A few weeks ago we planted a small crown flower in the yard in hopes of drawing in more monarch butterflies.  The bulbul bird in Hawaii is a serious threat to these pollinators because they eat them at the caterpillar stage. So we are going to try and save as many as we can by checking for eggs to be laid and rescuing the caterpillars so they can mature to butterflies.  Well we got our first one! I don’t know how we missed this one while it grew so big but now safely in our dining room we have a chrysalis! This is a lot of fun for our 4 year old (and mommy too) 😀


Happy Aloha Friday friends!


Author: Carmen

Things I love: justice in all forms; flowers; locally grown food; cloth-diapering; breastfeeding; feminist theory; outdoor play; beaches; wine; Divine interventions; 4-H and coffee. Things I loathe: racism; homophobia; toxic crap; misogyny; litterbugs; the zombie apocalypse and pitbull-haters. My formal education is in sociology, gender studies, and public policy. I'm also a Lactation Educator; 4-H Youth Development coordinator a Certified Master Gardener and a graduate of a Permaculture Design Course. I've been blogging for several years on dozens of topics- everything from women's health to breed-specific legislation. But the thing I like to write about most is my gardening, food adventures and my kids. So there you have it. Please be kind. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Saving the Monarch

  1. I’m amazed that you have monarchs in Hawaii. Do they migrate?

    • I don’t think so. It’s always warm so they wouldn’t need to.

      • Hm. I just looked it up on wikipedia. Hawaiian monarchs are same species as on the continent, but genetically distinct, and they don’t migrate. Also, there’s a morph that is white/gray wherever “regular” ones are orange. That variation is more common in Hawaiian monarchs than elsewhere. Have you seen any of those?


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