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Our First Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Hatched!

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Awhile back I posted that a new species of butterfly had found us. The Gulf Fritillary butterfly first appeared on our dining room light at dinner, then we saw the spiky caterpillar in our yard and then discovered a (strange!) chrysalis hanging on the shed.

gulf fritillary butterfly

About 2 weeks ago another spiky caterpillar appeared and we put it in the “hatchery” to see if it would form a chrysalis and it did! This morning, it hatched. It’s so tiny compared to the monarch! But I love the wing patterns and it liked the flowers. 🙂

See another bloggers comments on this butterfly in Hawaii here:

Wings are still wet, not flying yet.

Wings are still wet, not flying yet.

Um, did she just poop on me?? :-D

Um, did she just poop on me?? 😀

On the pentas flowers

On the pentas flowers


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