GROW O'ahu

Island Style Gardening and Plant-Based Living


Welcome to GROW, a site for Gardening Resources and Ohana Wellness!

This all started with some pallet gardens in my backyard many years ago.  We have evolved, me and my little blog, to be more than just a space to share gardening adventures.

I hope to become the go-to place for families on O’ahu to learn about growing food, eating better and taking care of themselves, while we have some fun 🙂

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about food. In fact, I have spent so much time pondering food, politics of food, and nutrition that I have considered another degree in nutrition. But alas, I’m also the busy working mother of a rowdy kindergartener and a sweet baby girl, the loving partner to the handiest guy around and dog-mommy to three mutts, four chickens and turtle.  So I blog, ponder, write poetry and try to stay away from ugliness and negativity.

In case you are unfamiliar, “Island Style” might mean that I get distracted from tasks to do with the garden or farm and go on unrelated tangents, stories or just go to the beach.  Island Time, friends.

There’s some big picture stuff we are all seriously pondering these days, and you might see it here- as a DYI project or poem!  I’m not a fan of ginormous-meat-farming, and there’s a bunch of science that supports the idea that huge amounts of meat consumption is bad for our bodies and the planet.  In fact, I read once that going meatless three days a week would do more for reducing your carbon footprint than driving a Hybrid.  Crazy! So you will see all vegetarian stuff here, and mostly vegan. A Whole Food Plant Based Diet is the future, friends!

I also take my job as a parent pretty seriously, and most days do my best to raise a thoughtful, kind, healthy boy who loves his veggies. And doesn’t drop too many things on his sister’s head.

On our little island, something like 90% of all our food is imported.  Most estimates say that if some kind of natural disaster made it too difficult for the ships to come here our island is 9 days away from hunger.  So we think about Food Security- a lot.  Our original Green Box Garden was both a part of an effort to depend less on the system, and a symbol of resistance to it.  Shipping pallets represent our dependence on oil and the powers that be to provide for us.  We turned them into food production boxes for next to nothing.  You can see how simple it was here and  here.

I hope you enjoy our stories, efforts and perhaps we can inspire some others to take on some projects in gardening, urban farming, writing and plant-based living. There are a lot of resources available, and sometimes the information can become overwhelming, especially for working families.  I hope to help you break down some of those barriers and get you growing.  Aloha.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, so I’ve nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Congratulations!

  2. Hello Girl Replanted! I have some questions regarding the pineapple plant. Do you have an email address so I can connect with you? 🙂

  3. Hello, I love your philosophy. Where do you live? My new home is also isolated. We rely on ferries. We face the same food security issues. Thankfully we are surrounded by farms and a lot of us try to grow as much of our food as possible. I’ll keep in touch.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We are in the Hawaiian Islands, and yes, we talk and think about food security quite a bit. Though not doomsday thinkers, it is only practical to consider a shipping strike or natural disaster, when so much of what we rely on comes from elsewhere. Look forward to hearing more from you. Aloha.

  4. I nominated you for an award. You don’t have to participate. 🙂

  5. I didnʻt realize you blogged so often 🙂 Iʻm going to use your tips and tricks in my yard

  6. I love your raised beds! I am wanting to make some cheap raised beds with pallets, and I imagine you have already blogged about how you made them, but I can’t find it! Could you redirect me to where you talk about actually constructing the pallet beds? Thanks, and great blog!!!

    • Click on the word “here” in the paragraph above that talks about the beds. There’s a link. Thanks for reading! Aloha (EDIT: I just added another link that has better photos. Thanks!)

  7. I came for a visit, looking for info on pallet, raised, garden beds and stayed, intrigued, until I’d read the lot! I love your writing style, and your sense of humour, they are so similar to mine. 🙂 I live in Townsville, far North Queensland, Australia and the climate here is very similar to what you describe at your place (in summer it’s so hot you get branded by the metal seat belt clip and as for winter…well it fell on a Tuesday last year. So, thank you for the wonderful information, especially on your ‘Green Boxes’, it was exactly what I needed. God Bless, Judy.


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